An Introduction

PCI SIF Report

As we think 21 st century is an era of competition our vision to established Shri Shivaji Shikshan Prasark Mandal is to provide skill based education to children of rural area and fulfill needs of modern society. Here in Bankar Patil Public School we commit you all about to give value education of international standard, to overcome barriers of diverse environments and vibrant needs of community.

We aim to enable to all children to reach their dreamt potential excellent. We have been looking for healthy environment, activity based learning, experienced and caring staff nurture all the moral values.

Our Mission
We believe that every child is special and he / she entitled to enjoy their childhood with basic needs, value education enthusiasm. They should be encouraged to develop their all round performance with curiosity in this modern era.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide skill based value education to the children of emerging society with enhancing their potential excellence for the changing scenario.

Our Aims
To provide and curriculum. Enhance smooth learning though key states of basic needs. To develop enlighten mind through curiosity. To provide the platform for hidden conscience. To focus on all round development of child. To create and adobe of intellectual through excellence.

Board of Directors

Mr. Rambhau S Zambare

President, SSSPM

Mr. Bhaskar G Gaikwad

Treasurer, SSSPM

Mr. Nandu B Bankar

Director, SSSPM

Mr. Prakash B Bankar

Deputy President, SSSPM

Mr. Pravin B Bankar

Director, SSSPM

Mr. Balu D Borale

Director, SSSPM

Mr. Madhav B Bankar

Secretary, SSSPM

Mr. Prabhakar N Gaikwad

Director, SSSPM

Mr. Vishvnath B Admane

Director, SSSPM